um at the free library (central branch)

April 12, 2011


May 24, 2010


May 24, 2010

self-breaking language circuit

1866 Treas. Bot.Interrupted, when any symmetrical arrangement is destroyed by local causes: a leaf is interruptedly pinnated when some of the pinnæ are much smaller than the others, or wholly wanting.

bit basin

April 19, 2010


April 8, 2010

I dribbled out a long, mushy roll that was not what I meant. Then I tried a slow, tappy single-stroke roll that did not come any closer. I did some paradiddles. I splatted out some flams and some rim shots. 

-rims, gary lutz

exploitative mimicry

March 29, 2010

In a worm-harvesting technique calledworm grunting, people plunge a wooden stake into the earth, which they then rub with a metal stick. The grunting sound it produces brings hundreds earthworms up to the soil’s surface.

common lisp music

March 19, 2010

one sample from nina simone 

alvin lucier’s 20 lisps 

close listening

March 10, 2010

Gleaned from an episode of Close Listening(left channel only). Charles Bernstein’s inquisitive microsounds (mm-hm, hmphs, er) as percussion, Waldrop’s echoes as ornament. Used SoX to scan for any material below a certain volume, then reorganized the output. 

probes & poem drones

March 8, 2010

Sound lattices for mp3 or wav files: filters scan for ‘disfluency’ or ‘throat clearing.’ In textsound : ‘Ulf Clears his Throat,’ a hacked interview with the poet Stolterfoht.   

Below is a filtered interview with William Carlos Williams, gathering disfluency, prolongation, stammering, microphone noise, barking dogs, etc. 

caudal crop

March 7, 2010

Pigeon cooing bouts… consist of a series of typically three sound pulses each with a duration of about 70ms. An initial high amplitude cycle followed by one to two cycles of lower amplitude and a build up to a constant high amplitude characterized by a single sound pulse.

-Larsen & Goller, Role of Syringeal Vibrations in Bird Vocalizations

Pitch shifted coos and feathered microparticles

Collaboration with Houston Snyder